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Being CPE Certified Starts Here! Participants are provided professional education related to the transportation system and the operation of ports, vessels, and marine terminals.

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CPE Alumni Testimonials

Having a full understanding of all the operations of the Port and how departments and roles work together to achieve an overall goal is a valuable asset to our workforce and this course provided that comprehensive overview.
- Dr Noel Hacegaba, Port Of Long Beach CA
Managing Director of Commercial Operations and Chief Commercial Officer
As I work for a Canadian Port Authority, but only in the Marina end of things, the course covered a vast array of knowledge I would require to move over to the terminals or even Port Management – I certainly enjoyed the course.
- Mike Carter, Port Alberni Port Authority
Manager, Marina Services,

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The CPE Certified Port Executive Program™ will give participants tools and knowledge to make their organization more competitive. This five day course is designed to provide participants with a professional education opportunity related to the transportation system and operations of ports, vessels and marine terminals.

Through this program, you will have the opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of the marine transportation system, port and terminal management and administration. The course covers rapidly changing regulations and requirements that affect ports, marine facilities, inter-modal transportation providers, vessels, and many diverse service providers.

CPE 2018 Schedule

Classroom Locations and Dates Q1 and Q2


Savanah, GA February 5 - 9

Chicago, IL February 19 - 23

Vancouver, BCMarch 5 - 9

Tampa, FLMarch 19 - 23

New Orleans, LAApril 9 - 13

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Learners Educated


Conference Attendess


Lesson Segments


ILT Learners


  • Knowledge of the marine transportation system and operations
  • Port governance, port authorities and organizations
  • Recognizing types of vessels and their uses
  • Port and terminal management
  • Roles of port professionals
  • Managing communications, media, port and terminal administration
  • Emerging requirements and regulations that affect ports, marine facilities and vessels
  • Managing risks and threats in the port environment
  • The scope of port security and safety plans
  • Comparing various methods of cargo storage and handling
  • Examining harbour geography and aids to navigation
  • Preparing a strategic plan, master plan and business plan
responsive-img Day 1

  • Module 1 – The Worldwide Transportation System
  • Module 2 – The International Port Industry
  • Module 3 – Language of the Industry
  • Module 4 – Port Governance and Management
  • Module 5 – The Marine Terminal

Day 2

  • Module 6 – The Harbour and the Vessel Voyage
  • Module 7 – Marine Terminal Operations
  • Module 8 – Cargo Management
  • Module 9 – Transportation Pricing
  • Module 10 – Regulatory Requirements and Legal Issues

Day 3

  • Module 11 – Tariffs, Terminal Regulations and Operating Plans
  • Module 12 – Safety, Security and Emergency Planning and Response
  • Module 13 – Business Development and Marketing with Planning Discussion

Day 4

  • Module 14 – Property and Facility Management
  • Module 15 – Administration and Finance
  • Module 16 – Public and Media Relations
  • Module 17 – Strategic and Master Planning
  • Module 18 – Trends, Automation and Climate Change

Day 5

  • Practical Exercise and Evaluation
  • Briefing

  • Port Stakeholders
  • Event Authority Directors and Executives
  • Terminal Management
  • Port Stakeholders including Municipal, Provincial and Federal Government Officials
  • Shipping Company Agents
  • International Transportation Companies
  • Importers and Exporters
  • Maritime Lawyers, Insurers, Regulators
  • Engineering Professionals
  • Maritime Health and Safety, Security and Environment Professionals
  • Dockyard, Navy, and Military Personnel
  • Coast Guard Officials
  • Intermodal, Global, and Marine Organizations
  • 3PLs

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