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CPE Certified Port Executive Alumni

Who is part of the CPE Certified Port Executive Alumni Network?

Anyone who has completed the CPE Certified Port Executive Program™. If you have taken one of our publicly offered programs or an in-house program through your organization, you are considered Alumni. Welcome!

What are the benefits of being an Alumni?

  • Alumni members receive a 10% discount rate on all programs if they have taken a program with us in the past 24 months – either in our public programs or in-house through their organization*.
  • An Alumni membership card – you will receive your personalized card upon request at the end of the program along with your certificate.
  • Invitations to special Alumni Networking events – we schedule at least two events per year, one in Long Beach and one in Florida. These events include two-three day conferences with presentations, panels, a CPE Round Table and an expo with demonstrations. They feature presentations by business leaders and your fellow Alumni.
  • Access to the PORTSTAR Seaport Security Training Program.
  • Publication Discounts – Alumni members can enjoy special discounts on select industry publications.

* Some conditions apply. Please contact our Customer Care team.

How do I get my CPE Certified Port Executive™ Alumni Card?
All participants attending a program starting Sept. 1, 2018 will be given their membership card on completion of the program. Participants who have already completed a program should email our Customer Care Centre and a card will be sent to them.

Questions about the Alumni Network?

A member from our customer care department would be pleased to assist you. Please contact us by email at or by phone at (902) 425-3980

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