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Annual Conference

CPE Certified Port Executive Program Annual Update Conference and Expo, Tampa Fl, May 14-16,2018


To support continuous professional development in the industry and improve practices through information exchange, MacDonnell hosts an annual series of conferences in North America. Originally established in 2006, this conference and expo, now PORTCON, has evolved into a bi-annual gathering attended by managers from port authorities, marine terminal operators and other related supply chain professionals. PORTCON was created to consolidate a number of initiatives developed over the past ten years with a goal to improve the competitiveness of seaport operations. This includes the CPE Certified Port Executive Program, which has an alumni of over 500 seaport managers, and PORTSTAR, an online seaport security training solution that over 20,000 seaport employees have participated in. The conference acts as the opportunity for an annual update for senior seaport management on key issues. Learn more at

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