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One Continent. One Supply Chain. One Love.

One Continent. One Supply Chain. One Love.

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There’s a funny thing about neighbors. You start off getting along really well, but over time, well, you drift apart.

I’m talking about the Canadians next door.

Of course, you get together for the playoffs, but you hardly ever discuss trade deals anymore and you haven’t had them over for a state dinner in ages.

I mean, really, they’re kind of hard to get along with, aren’t they? All they talk about is hockey and the weather and last year they even tried to run a pipeline right through our backyard. The nerve of those Canucks!

But then one day you catch a look at them on the way to work in the morning.

Wow, look at them!

Those Canadians have really pulled themselves together and they got themselves a new environmentally-friendly carbon policy too!

One day you get a big smile and a friendly wave. The next day you’re expecting a stiff handshake and you get a fist bump instead. These Canadians are cool. And who knew they’d be the life of the party? Hardly anybody noticed Mike Myers’ hair.

Yeah, those Canadians are all right, and they’re really considerate too. Did you know they have super-efficient rail systems leading from ports on the East and West coasts straight into the heart of the U.S.? Seriously. They did that just for us. That’s how nice they are. They set up cargo transport networks from Prince Rupert and Vancouver in the West, and Halifax, Montreal and Toronto in the East that funnel South from Chicago to New Orleans. Cargo from the Atlantic and the Pacific, straight to our front door. Just to make our lives easier.

And they always have really good beer too.

Now those are good neighbors.

Yeah, those Canadians are all right.

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