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Shipping Industry Self-Help: Stop Crashing into Things

Shipping Industry Self-Help: Stop Crashing into Things

Welcome to the second part of our continuing series on how to be the best shipping industry you can be. In the first part, we discussed how it just hadn’t been your year, Shipping Industry, and how to approach the new year positively. Today we’re going to be tackling a seldom-mentioned, but equally important topic in shipping industry self-help:

Not crashing into things.

And I don’t mean hitting an emotional wall. I mean that we’re actually crashing ships into immovable objects, like bridges and the Earth. When your boss told you to move fast and break things, that’s not what they had in mind. Whatever personal issues we’re dealing with, we’re not going to make any progress until we stop crashing ships into things.

Here are some practical self-help steps you can take in your daily life to stop crashing into things:

Don’t Drink and Ship  

There’s no organization called Mothers Against Drunk Cargo Shipping, but given the number of people who got slaughtered and crashed cargo and tanker ships in the past year, maybe there should be. If you’re piloting a craft bigger than a football stadium and drinking like you’re at a football game, the land has a tendency to jump out in front of you. Save it for shore leave guys.

A related topic is:

Bridges Do Exist

Shipping Industry, I can’t stress this enough: Bridges are not mental formations that can be safely ignored. You can pursue your life goals in any way that nurtures your spirit, but whatever life script you embrace, but there’s just no way around it: Bridges are actual things and we need to stop running into them. Do bridges suddenly not fit into people’s worldview? One railway bridge was recently run into five times in one day. Maybe they thought the earlier ships softened it up, I don’t know. Just a few days ago, a German pilot ran into a bridge and then hit the shore.  We can do better Shipping Industry.

Gravity: It’s Not Just a Good Idea. It’s The Law

There’s a right way and a wrong way to launch a craft Shipping Industry. Here’s a hint: If people start running in the other direction, you’re doing it the wrong way. Actually, that’s a pretty good way to tell if you’re doing almost anything wrong. If what you’re doing strikes mortal fear into large groups of people, it might be time to rethink your approach.

Until next time, keep on floating.

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