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Being CPE Certified Starts Here! Participants are provided professional education related to the transportation system and the operation of ports, vessels, and marine terminals.

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CPE Alumni Testimonials

As a port professional, it is easy to become siloed in your discipline. This program provides a comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of port operations. Very helpful.
- Mario Cromartie, Port of San Diego
Director of General Services.
As an HR executive, for a major port, I felt it critical for my career to attend this training. I want to be regarded as an effective Certified Port Executive with emphasis on HR.
- Stacey Lewis, Port of Long Beach
Director, Human Resources
Having a full understanding of all the operations of the Port and how departments and roles work together to achieve an overall goal is a valuable asset to our workforce and this course provided that comprehensive overview.
- Dr.Noel Hacegaba, Port of Long Beach
Managing Director of Commercial Operations and Chief Commercial Officer
The class was probably the most valuable class I have attended in the port authority. This class should be mandatory for port supervisors who follow a career path at a port authority.
- Bob Callaghan, Tampa Port Authority
Vice President of Operations
As a Port Security Director I was impressed with the with the way the Certified Port Executive (CPE) course was designed and presented. I now have a much greater appreciation and understanding of the duties and needs of other port authority departments and our port users. The concepts are taught in a logical order that significantly enhances the learning process. The instructor, Captain Jeff Monroe, was knowledgeable in all areas and gave extensive explanations of the instructional materials in each course segment. I feel this course would be of value to anyone interested in enhancing their knowledge of how the entire maritime transportation system functions. It will make any port professional a more educated and efficient manager.
- Mark Dubina, Port of Tampa Bay
Vice President of Security
I thoroughly enjoyed the week long CPE course that was spread over 17 different modules; over half of each module could have been its own separate course, but enough material was introduced and discussed to allow for the all the pertinent details to be comprehensively covered. The Instructor systematically integrated practical, real world experience during the course to address the strategic as well as the day to day problems that may arise within any typical port environment – public and/or private. An instructor who has real “boots on the ground experience” made this course particularly valuable! I have already recommended this course to my other colleagues without hesitation.
- Jeff Culberston, Penn Terminals Inc
Director of Commercial Services
Florida’s Citrus Country Port Director Brad Thorpe said this training gave him a better understanding of port operations and maritime activities that could be used for the future of Port Citrus. “This course was very intense and gave me the foundation to understand how ports are operated and their importance to the local economy. Very complete, covered everything needed for port operation and development.
- Brad Thorpe, Port Citrus County Florida
Port Director
I have always encouraged the BPA staff to upgrade their skills which become a vital asset to our port. I would like to congratulate Jenna and Tracy for taking the initiative to further their training. It is very important to have our team receive up to date training as the transportation industry is ever evolving, “The knowledge and skills learned at the CPE Certified Port Executive course are fundamental for us to better serve our clients and to attract new ones at the Port of Belledune.
- Rayburn Doucett, Port of Belledune, NB
BPA President & CEO
Outstanding!!! Great Teacher and Great Classmates!!!
- Raymond Wade, Port of Morgan City, LA
All the information was relevant to my career. The Information was presented in a clear manner so that novice maritime employees could understand.
- Paul Matthews, Port of New Orleans, LA
Community Affairs Manager
The course and instructor did a good job of covering a wide range of material.
- Patrick Seeba, Greater Houston Port Bureau, Houston TX
Project Manager
I liked the content and it was very applicable to my career path. I enjoyed the book, it was easy to follow along and good for making personal notes.
- Ernie Farrand, Watco, Houston TX
Dock Manager
This was a very helpful and informative class.
- Nicole Long, Port of Nome, Nome AK
Clear and focused training. Items I think about but in my daily job I don’t have time to focus on.
- Phil Benner, Haines, AK
Interesting – well managed and informative.
- Murph O'Brian, HDR Engineering
Transportation Planner
I liked the real/issue specific examples.
- Gary White, SEDA
I liked how the course covered the planning and financial aspects of port management.
- Terry Laughin, New Orleans Terminal, LA
Assistant Vise President - GM
Very informative. A well structured course.
- Emil Tomescu, Prince Rupert Port Authority, Prince Rupert, BC
Director of Project Engineering
As I work for a Canadian Port Authority, but only in the Marina end of things, the course covered a vast array of knowledge I would require to move over to the terminals or even Port Management – I certainly enjoyed the course.
- Mike Carter, Port Alberni Port Authority
Manager, Marina Services
Very well organized. Good flow of material that kept people interested.
- Michael F. Giove, Nautilis - Metro
Broad overview of all aspects of the marine business. Very well presented. Very enjoyable!
- Tony Gutenberg, Canexus Corporation
Very good and intensive overview course. Well-suited to a wide variety of prior experience levels. The course is very important as a means to bring the often fragmented marine professional industry together in the new century and new intermodal reality.
- Fred Busack
Great real-life experiences given by trainer made the training informative and entertaining. Good discussions were generated.
- Captain Kevin Kiefer, USCG

“Very informative, relative to the operation and functionality of a port”.

“I liked the relevance of the material and engagement of instructors. Parts pertaining to leadership and decision making. In addition to the excellent course material and instruction, the various perspectives of the students made for lively and informative discussion”. – Andy Cook

“I liked the collaborative nature – sharing of other port users”. – N/A

“The CPE is an excellent course filled with much complex information”. – Joanne Ross

“I liked the varied background of the group and the experience of the instructor”. – N/A

“I liked that is covered every aspect of Port Operation and how it relates to day to day business.”- N/A

“Very good course. Intense but well balanced. Gives a good perspective on port management. It will be useful”.- N/A

“A real eye opener. The “big picture.” – N/A

“The course was very helpful for my development.”- Operations Manager “Very impressed with information presented and excellent delivery of data. Provided great examples.” – N/A

“Format provides great checklists for planning; great blueprint for all facets of terminal”.- N/A

“Real life experience brought into every aspect of the course.” – N/A

“I believe a few more exercises/presentations would be beneficial.” – N/A

“I felt admit + finances could use more details. More discussion on the overall of what makes a company survice.”- N/A

“Very good course content, enjoyed broad range of material and content covered. – N/A

“My understanding of port operations has grown exponentially over the week and this will assist me in my work.” – N/A

“Good content, excellent value.” – N/A

“I was very surprised that this course was so interesting. All port executives should get this course. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable – very good presentations skills and communication”. – N/A

“Very timely, this is needed in the port industry in this context.”- N/A

“Excellent course – Well instructed.” – N/A “Dynamic, energized, excellent instructor” – N/A

- General Comments
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